Photos from Otaku Expo 2017

Kicking off Otakuzine Anime Magazine’s (Ozine) events for 2017 is the annual Otaku Expo that’s held at the Megatrade Halls 2 and 3 of SM Megamall in the weekend of February 4 to 5. I checked out the first day, and here’s a briefer for everyone.

I have a brief yet important info for everyone observing the local manga industry: I was informed by the one who’s manning the PSICOM booth at the Expo that the publisher stopped printing copies of Filipino editions of the Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail manga licensed from Kodansha since November 2016.

Considering that I no longer see updates on the development of this project when I last checked VIVA PSICOM’s Facebook last December, I got a bit frustrated.

On the other hand, I was able to get the 100th issue of Ozine at Php50. I regard this issue as a collectors’ item especially since it’s the 100th one.

As for the ever-notorious tarp auction that everyone loves to hate, the hosts mentioned that these tarps you see are drawn by local artists. Thank goodness, Ozine.

I find this one a bit funny — I usually take two shots (for each pose) in a span of milliseconds to make sure that I get a better picture, but there’s this instance where the first cosplayer blinks on the first try and the second one in the the following take; so I asked for a final retake.

I’m really dependent on lights, and Megamall has its good set of lighting spaces in case photographers forgot to bring one for themselves. These two photos above are testament on how me (and probably them) were at the mercy of these fixtures.

If you’re going to ask me about my trip to the event, pretty much nothing major happened. The fun’s on Day 2, but I chose to attend Day 1 instead, so good on you if you’re there on the last day.

[Top-left] Local cover band Asterysk and [Top-right, bottom] the participants of the Pizza Eating Contest.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for before we cap off: Cosplay photos. Enjoy.

Bonus shot: There’s a LEGO sale at Hall 1 when things were happening, mostly featuring items of different designs up to 80% off.