WCS Team Philippines 2021 1

Philippines wins first major World Cosplay Summit Award

For the first time in its run since 2013, the Philippines gets a major award in the World Cosplay Summit.

Philippine representative Team Namikaze composed of notable cosplayers Jin Joson and AC Hernandez wins the Brother Award for best costume, a major award in the annual global cosplay tournament.

WCS Team Philippines 2021 1
The moment when Team Namikaze is give nthe Brother Award for the best costume, along with reactions from World Cosplay Summit alumni in the Philippine broadcast of the Summit streamed live on Kumu (@amboxnational on Kumu)

Joson and Hernandez cosplayed as Naruto and Jiraiya from the Naruto franchise.

In a post-event interview held on Kumu, the duo is awed and glad to receive the award, which is announced by WCS chief judge and veteran voice actor Tohru Furuya.

“Winning the Brother Award is such a big validation kasi major sponsor ‘yan, and that the tailoring part is such a big part ng WCS. They really put importance to it. … It kind of validates what we set out to show na hindi naman kailangan parati naka-armor (cosplay), and you can get acknowledgement for other skills, and ito, parang kaka-start lang namin and we’re still learning tapos we were recognized in this way, kaya totoo ‘yung gulat ko, but I’m also really happy,” Joson said.

Hernandez added that they dedicate this award to Jin’s friend Charmie who taught them how to sew. “She was a really good teacher and she’s really patient with us. We wouldn’t have gotten that award without her.”

WCS Team Philippines 2021 2
Top (from left): Team Namikaze’s AC Hernandex and Jin Joson, Philippine broadcast lead anchor Red Mendoza. Bottom (from left): this author, Miho (WCS PH Team 2014), Yukari Nina (WCS PH Team 2016). (@amboxnational on Kumu)

The Philippine representatives also dedicate this win to everyone who has supported their journey. Team Namikaze went on to be the representative for the Philippines in the Summit’s annual World Cosplay Championship, which is organized as a video division for this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Germany gets first place with their excellent portrayal of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Italy wins second place with their rendition of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and United Kingdom gets third with a performance of Final Fantasy which left the audience in mixed emotions.

See the list of other awardees below:

  • SuperMassive NFT Sponsorship Award – Team Indonesia (Dragon Ball Z)
  • COTY 2021 Award selected by the Grand Prix of Cosplayer of the Year 2021 – Team Belgium (Aikatsu Stars)
  • Prop Making Category winner – Team Mexico (Biohazard: Resident Evil 3)
  • Tamakoshi Visual Directing Award – Team Hong Kong (Dorohedoro), who will also receive a special Shikizakura voice actor-signed card
  • Sound Directing Category – Team Chile (Hatsune Miku: Project Diva)
  • Arda Wigs Best Actor Award – Team Sweden (Bakemonogatari), who will also receive US$500 voucher for use in Arda Wigs’ website
  • Environmental Consideration Award – Team India (Gintama), who used yoga mats for their costumes
  • Special Performance Awards
    • Dramatic Category – Team Russia (Mononoke)
    • Action – Team Japan (Nioh)
    • Comedy – Team France (Cat’s Eye)

This year’s World Cosplay Championship Video Division is joined by pairs from 29 competing countries and one observer nation. The Philippines led its own local broadcast of the Summit via @amboxnational on mobile streaming platform Kumu.