Team Philippines among 18 teams selected for WCS 2016 Second Stage

I think I’m liking Yukari of Team Starseeker more now this happened: Those shades, guys. Those shades with LED lights in it.

Seven countries must be also hyped right now

This has been a very hyper day for everyone watching the 2016 World Cosplay Summit Championships, as the Philippine team is selected in the second stage (which I refer to as the “Championship Finals”).

This is the same case for South Korea, Germany, Denmark, France, Finland, Japan and Hong Kong as there has been some gaffes, whether in the side of these teams or in the side of WCS:

  • We were not able to vote “Yes” for Hong Kong’s Kantai Collection skit during the Nico Nico Live stream, and users on Twitter are reporting that the team has been disqualified due to either (1) baggage limits, (2) they had someone assisting them on stage, or (3) because Teitoku has been considered as an “original character” (for context, the game’s “Teitoku” is THE player itself). Hong Kong’s been on my hype list after I saw last year’s team did a Macross Frontier skit.
  • Japan got two awards (the Live Dam and the DK awards), but a Steve Harvey moment happened when they were to receive the Brother award but it was actually Finland who got it.
  • From the previously announced 16, the teams coming to the Second Stage went to 18 after a post-event recount happened. Apparently, South Korea and Germany was not announced during the live stream as part of the Second Stage, but they got included after concerns were raised (for context, Germany was favored by 87.8% of the Nico Nico viewing audience and South Korea got favored by 81.1% of the said audience). This is the second Steve Harvey moment in the First Stage.

We are certainly looking forward to the finals’ Second Stage tomorrow, August 7, 2016. You can see it on Nico Nico Live (and if you want priority access, pay around Php260 for a premium membership that can be auto-debited to your credit card monthly).

Anime Pilipinas has their story on this, and you can digest my take as something written on a personal tone.

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