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Persona fans went wild in 2019 meetup

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I am invited by my good friends at The Arcana Project to feature their “Welcome to No. Q Theater Viewing Party” at VentureSpace in Mandaluyong City. I think I told this to you before — it was held there last Saturday, January 27.

I was on a tight schedule that day, juggling a Rotary District Seminar and this, so I was there during their ingress and before they close. That said, I shall tell you what we have missed from this fan gathering, in five tweets:

At the end of the day, I had a chit-chat with the team, who is obviously exhausted after a wild day. One of the plans to get further into podcasting, which led me to share a piece of wisdom that I learned from serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk: Podcasting and Voice will be the next big thing. If I can convince them to start their own podcast, better.

I did commit to being there from start until the finish — it just so happens that I had to detour to another matter, and I’m thankful that they understand.

Oh, and they also told me that they are brewing another fan event this November. I’m just waiting for the details.

For now, we shall cap off with photos from the first and last few hours of the fan gathering.