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It takes a while to understand that one of the many people you treat as good friends is no longer with you. Last Tuesday, July 27, we lost a colorful person.

I’ve known Lora for so long that I forgot when I first met her. Was it when she was hosting on stage? Was it when she’s getting in touch with me to write about casual games as part of her work? The most memorable moment I had with her is when I went to Baguio, joining her, Stephen and Sir Mack for Cosplay Tanabata 7, the last one in the city.

I am looking at the obituary post posted on her behalf, and I see the outpouring love and support. People are thanking her, as well as missing her. Some enjoy talking with her. I for one miss her dearly. I want to see more of her events hosting. Friends got together for a fundraiser to support her bills, and the fundraiser continues to support her family after her passing.

The last moments of Lora this year are challenging. A pandemic is happening, and she was scrambling to get a physician to help her while she tends to her nosebleeds. Afterwards, she even sought help from a surgeon on what to expect. The surgery’s done and good, and she was expected to recover once the surgery’s successful – except that she got into a serious coma.

The last photos of Lora I saw in the fundraiser’s page is that the condition felt serious, yet she didn’t fail to smile. We are all confident she can survive.

It still reels in my mind that she’s no longer with us. I vehemently refuse to take the fact. I’m supposed to see her host another KitaCon in La Union, or another event either in-person or online.

What about the people Lora inspired? She touched lives, and some even got inspired to be VTubers in their own terms too. As Oborizuki Yume, she is the calm, happy person whom we felt we can chill out with. Did I mention I am supposed to guest her as Yume on either my podcast or Animazing Show?

Looking back, what are the footprints Lora left with us? Her love of milk tea? Her bubbly personality on stage? The way she integrates her work and hobby, knowing that one time she as Yume played on stream?

I’ve seen posts from my VTuber friends on Facebook. It’s sad to read that it was the first and last time they met her.

What could our community be without someone like Lora? It pains me to ask.

Thank you Lora for adding color to this community with your skills and passion. You will be dearly missed.


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