Pasig has its own version of Pampanga’s Tamales

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I stand corrected — make it 8 versions.

I am currently at the 1st Pasig City Trade Fair which is held at Estancia at Capitol Commons, and part of the things I do (aside from overseeing if there will be any activity on stage) is to try out what Pasig has to offer.

Just a few hours ago, I conducted a fireside chat with the Pasigueno businessmen, and I had fun talking to them about doing business on social media, as well as promoting businesses.

The fireside chat was over abut I’m still on the table, talking to the owner of Inang’s Tamales Corner (Cocina de Tamales) Ms. Regina Sula as I taste one of her eight versions of Tamales, originally a spicy and salty Mexican dish. Ms. Sula’s tamales is made of coconut milk and rice flour, and introduces it as healthy food that the young can eat, targeting students and the like.

I tried their Chicken Adobo tamales, which has salted egg on it. The soft, base taste mild, and the added Chicken Adobo topping complements it. If you want to get the best out of it, add the salted egg on each spoonful and feel the combination of all three flavors in your mouth.

Inang’s Tamales can be eaten as breakfast or dinner, but it can also be eaten as a snack. Inang’s Tamales is available for Php75 each — aside from Chicken Adobo, it’s also available in Corn, a la Cubana, and 5 other flavors. Its store is located at 103-B Sagad St., Pilapil, Pasig City.

…and that’s a wrap! I got another one for mom at home so she can try it too.