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Pasay, Manila and Pasig — 19 January 2016

Today, I went to a friend’s place to check out his secret base, which eventually led to a trip to the Mall of Asia complex to meet with other comrades (who are also going to witness ONE OK ROCK’s first concert in the country). Here are some of the photos that I took.

The friend I was referring to is BossMac from Back2Gaming. Long story.


Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

What seemed to be a trip to BossMac’s crib led to a taxi ride to the Mall of Asia complex, where I eventually meet with some members of AniZone and had a light talk. I didn’t expect that I will eat donuts this time, but I did.

I was told that the bridgeway will lead to an underground transport of sorts connecting Mall of Asia to the Bonifacio Global City, much like the Green Frog hybrid buses today.

I still try to avoid Mall of Asia Arena because (1) I am quite jealous over those who will personally watch ONE OK ROCK’s concert, and (2) I have no proper business in the area — by-standing was not an option for me as a guy trying to cope with my stupidity last year.

Estancia (at the Capitol Commons), Pasig City

I went to Estancia out of curiosity, and I tried lying my back against the grass in the open park, which is open until 11pm (I am guessing that either the lights will be turned off or the security will just tell the over-stayers to vacate after opening hours).