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Ozine Fest goes to Cebu this May 18–19, 2019

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Say it with me, mga bai: “Oh-zeen,” hindi “Oh-zayn.”

Imagine a conversation between a group of people: “Tara, Cebu?” “G.” Now, imagine if this was the team behind the Ozine Fest series of events. This is probably how Ozine Fest Cebu was set.

Otakuzine has been in the events (and the magazine) business for a decade now, and I believe it’s their first time that they will go out of town and into SM Seaside City Cebu’s Sky Hall this May 18–19, 2019.

Among the guests for Ozine Fest Cebu include World Cosplay Summit Philippines alumna Angeleah “Mingmiho” Mejo and Thai cosplayer Misaki.

Most of all, this event brings the Ozine Fest community experience to Cebuanos, such as the Cosplay Competition, Anime Singing Competition, Anime Trivia, Art Contest, Game Booths and the rising again of Ozine Maid Cafe, this time in Cebu. (Ozine Maid Cafe has ended its run in Manila, and this is confirmed to me by Ozine itself, prior to posting of this story.)

Visit https://web.facebook.com/OzineHop/ for more information.

While I won’t be at Ozine Cebu personally, Gary, Serena, Cebu X-Geeks and Chey will be sharing their experiences during and post-event. I’ll keep tabs on that.

On a side note, maybe the Ozine Team has tried (or may want to try) Crown Regency’s Sky Experience Adventure (affiliate ad). I dunno. Also, you may want to book a hotel room (affiliate ad) in time for Ozine Cebu and other events.