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Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special 2016

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The first day of the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special 2016 held at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City last December 26 to 27 — both weekdays — felt like the usual Saturday and Sunday; this despite the bad weather condition in the morning.

Nevertheless, I was able to get a lot of photos than I expected — probably more than what I had at other major events.

Without further adieu, here’s the full photo blog from the said event.

The Merchandise

One special thing I would like to note is that I was able to get in touch with Dendenpotato (the one who did my avatar) and another major artist at the Artists’ Alley.

The Figures

Since this is the Anime Figure Special, I tweaked my camera to play with exposure and the built-in flash. I still have to learn a lot more on how to use a point-and-shoot, more so an SLR; but ignoring the rules and playing with your intuition might be okay as well, I guess?

The Cosplayers

Last but not the least, here are the Cosplayers I was able to take photos of. From ‘your name.’ to Mumei, I think I got a good count of Cosplayers if I say so myself. Feel free to get in touch with keepsakes. on Facebook if you want to have your RAWs.