Otaku Urule Japanime 2015

I went to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines for the first time in my life, and I covered Japanime 2015 there. Its organizer, the Otaku Urule organization, have been running for five years now — a month older than us, apparently. As with most of our event reports, I will be discussing this chronologically.

The PUP Freedom Plaza [Google Earth], with a view of the event venue as of 4:45p.m. [Inset]

The event was supposed to start at 10a.m. but it was pushed to 12p.m. as the organization has to make final arrangements with the university. This will be discussed later on.

Various activities and merchandisers fill up the Freedom Plaza, and the attendees slowly increase from time to time. Organizations such as AniZone and the Lussuria Otaku Community are participating as well.




By around past 6:30p.m., the Cosplay Competition started, and was split into two halves. Before this, Urule founder Rosendo Gamurot III thanked the attendees and the first set of members of the organization. This is also where he vented against a certain department inside the university which he tagged as “anti-Student org.” The organization holds events at nearby SM City Sta. Mesa Cyberzone because holding events at the institution has its limits — including the automatic lights-off at 9 p.m.


To conclude this event report, Japanime went well and the audience stayed for the activities. I would also like to recommend you to get a FEWA (Footlong [hotdog] with Egg Wrapped Around) sandwich during your stay at the PUP.

We would like to thank Otaku Urule for the invitation to cover Japanime 2015 and AniZone for helping us with the coverage.