OreImo. 2: Just don’t place Kirino and Kyosuke in the same place

Originally published at Deremoe on May 16, 2013.

I’ve just been through the first six episodes of Ore no Imouto […] season 2, and I am pretty much convinced that even if I watched the first season, I will still cringe about Kirino‘s manners with Kyosuke.

I’ve been trying to hold back my frustration over a single anime character that I’d love to talk to on Twitter but hated onscreen, and I think I’ve had enough. She acts superior to her brother so much that I can’t even see if this was a real possibility myself. I cringe when Kirino says stupid things, such as “stupid,” among other things.

To set your expectations, I am more of inclined to Saori Makishima than to Kirino (or Kuroneko) just because I think she is much more approachable, or so her character archetype says. I like Kuroneko too, but if I were to rank these three, Saori would be the first followed by Kuroneko.

Moving back to the case in point, I just don’t like Kirino with Kyosuke, because that’s where the conflict happens — and it gets worse. The thing is, if they were to be separated in the next episodes, what could happen? First, Kuroneko shines. Second, no more of that annoying bickering that turns into forced drama. Lastly, I’d be happy to see Kirino more as an otaku, please.

So, if we were to see this possibility, I’d be very glad about that. Hoping for more of Kyosuke’s love life too, just because.

On a final note, bring it on, Yandere Ayase. Amuse us with your Yandere looks — and your healing voice.