Jay Agonoy also posts pieces of his mind regarding issues that makes him think, just like any other person online. This is the Opinion section.

Kyoto Animation.

https://twitter.com/tsbkii_289/status/1151837855930433536 …this is how I will begin this post. I’ve seen a lot of KyoAni works. Hyouka. Tamako Market. Chuunibyou… Kyoukai no Kanata. Amagi Brilliant Park. Hibike! Euphonium. Miss Kobayashi’s…

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Kasalanan natin ito, MNLoves.

"I’ve skimmed through the source material and find that the said piece also shares my sentiments, so I decided to make a twist out of it. I took my liberty to revise the words, and I did my best to keep the thought."

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