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On the school idol project that is LoveLive!, today

It’s been so long since I did a proper post (whether a photo or a piece of pseudo-prose), so let’s get started with the school idol project that is LoveLive!.

As every LoveLive! fan has been made aware of (regardless of circumstances that they are into), the project has transitioned from Otonokizaka to Uranohoshi, where the story of school idols continues with a unit named Aquors.

I predict three names for each unit. I hope one of them gets picked.

While there’s a debacle (exaggeratedly speaking) on whether to support the new group or not (I’ll take my stand later in this post), the rising seiyuu-yuri blog Seiyuuri (of Seishun Kakumei member Satsu and Rurei) has posted a list of names of sub-units that are to be voted this Monday, February 1st.

There are ten (10) entries for each unit composition (which has already been voted whose member is in which group). I stole the images they posted for reference.

I will pick my top three choices for each unit (in no particular order), and the ideas that I will share will be from my perspective as a viewer of the second season and the movie (I have yet to watch the first season of the anime series), so I hope we get each other on this part.

For Unit A, here’s my predictions:

  1. Kyumia
  2. CoCoA
  3. Chu’s day!

For Unit B:

  2. Sasanqua (山茶花・さざんか)
  3. Komorebi (こもれび)

…and For Unit C:

  1. RYM (リム)
  2. Chrom Cross (クロムクロス)
  3. vampop (ヴァンポップ)

Unit B’s KazaHana already has a problem with me because I can easily confuse it with Kana Hanazawa (which already has a slightly confusing name). Unit C’s been hard to predict as well. Unit A’s Chu’s day! is catchy on its own, and CoCoA is so familiar (hi GochiUsa) and yet I can still distinguish it from the other Cocoas out there.

Why not we give Aquors a chance?

Now that I’ve quickly predicted the three potential names (subjectively), let’s go to… a rant.

I’m taking this out of a conversation between a fan, and his fellows. The fan still cannot move on from the fact that μ’s is no longer active and the torch has been passed to Aquors for LoveLive! Sunshine!!.

As much as I wish that the fan in question is not really joking, his words seem to be doing otherwise (but I shouldn’t judge him quickly so I leave him be). In that instance, I told him a polite message to trust the senpais that their successors will do them justice as fans (or at the very least give inspiration to other aspiring school idol groups in what seems to be a universe).

I’ve seen people talk about the succession online with a heavy heart, and I think to myself, is this the idolatry that a guy like me wanted to avoid? We’re so loyal to μ’s that we aren’t open to the possibilities of a new group in the universe? Is that it?

Let’s open the Pandora’s Box further — I hear others say that the decision of μ’s not disbanding is because they can’t do it as it will betray fans’ expectations, as well as Yoshino Nanjo’s condition that prohibits her to join the rest in performing onstage as μ’s and so on.

μ’s trust their fans and we, as fans, trust them, so if the torch has been passed to the new generation of school idols why not give them a chance? I am reminded of Milky Holmes, where Sora Tokui (μ’s Nico) and Suzuko Mimori (μ’s Umi) alongside Mikoi Sasaki and Izumi Kitta were about to perform a live outside of Japan, and this happened:

Another group Milky Holmes from the an [sic] anime was strangely rejected by the crowd for reasons unknown, they were boo-ed for some reason though their performance was not bad. Being the weird guy I am, I was the only one who noticed that one member was missing. — CyborgCommunist, 2011 [Emphasis mine]

If I didn’t searched for the topic right now, I won’t be enlightened to realize this. The question is this: Regardless of any reason, did those who boo-ed them gave a chance in the first place? That’s something that I can no longer answer (as it happened years ago).

We’ve been made aware that some of Aquors has experience in the industry of showbusiness in Japan; one is an utaite (who sings covers on NicoNico) and another ranger (of Super Sentai), and so on. If we’re not giving a chance to Aquors to prove themselves, are we the worst? Do we not believe in succession?

My message to you, who still doubt μ’s successor, is that we give Aquors a chance.

Everything should make sense for me now, and I hope to see you next month with more posts.