On the rebranding of the Philippines’ largest drugstore chain

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On the rebranding of the Philippines’ largest drugstore chain

I didn’t know TGP was actually established in the 1940s, but I know that whenever I go, there’s a branch nearby. I mean, look: 1,900+ branches nationwide selling generic medicines for cheap. TGP The Generics Pharmacy has spawned a lot of competitors, but I still rely on it to give me the medicines I need.

After partnering with Robinsons Retail (with the group as the majority stakeholder), I saw a few noticeable results — aside from the inclusion of the Robinsons Retail brand in print ads, TGP has ditched its mortar-and-pestle logo and got a new typeface for its branding.

Also, I noticed that cross sign in the logo — I remember Southstar Drug’s rebrand a few years ago, and it has the same sign. Maybe this is part of Robinsons Retail’s branding strategy, but don’t take my word for it.

TGP was the first to offer 100% generics while other drugstores sold 90% branded and only 10% generic medicine. In 2016, Robinsons Retail, through its subsidiary South Star Drug, Inc., acquired 51% of TGP. Todate, TGP has reached an unprecedented milestone with 1,900 stores all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao — the largest network of drugstores in the country.


It’s not that complicated after all.