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Hi, everyone.

I am currently relaxing at home, trying to make do with what I have at the moment.

But earlier in the morning, I received the confirmation of our faithful that we will vote for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. I am wary of mentioning this guy as (1) this is the internet, (2) all of us are jerks, and most of us jerks are going to shove our beliefs to others (with the latter either swallowing it like a bitter pill or expelling it in a way similar to those who shove it).

At this point, I am already exhausted. Thank you, Philippine politics. This is the most uncertain Election season that I have seen, and I say it with conviction.

Most of you who have been following me through the years (thank you very much, I really appreciate it) know that I stopped having a loud voice after all the things that I’ve experienced before (see September 2015), and that has also affected my confidence in talking about politics online; though let me continue while I’m still game for it.

So, you have already heard and seen the news about the current administration fearing the upcoming so-called fascist government of the current leading candidate in the country’s presidency. No, I won’t talk about fascism here as I barely understand that, but really, before the government can accuse someone incoming of being a fascist, we look at what the pains of the current administration had done upon us.

I then ask myself, “Why is this happening?” I try to be as neutral as possible, but it seems that my emotions will get the most out of me in this case.

First, this leading candidate is a Duterte, and the current administration is an Aquino — the second one — with their bet being Roxas. Both Aquino and Roxas are with the Liberal party, which I consider as the worst party the Philippines has nowadays (starting from the Golden Arinola scandal, which you can ask the descendants of president Elipidio Quirino about it because I wasn’t born when that happened).

Second, it seems that most people are sick of oligarchs running the government. Lastly, most people want to have a guy from the southern Philippines to lead the nation. In that case, we sure want to experience what it’s like when a southern guy leads a nation in the northern part of the country.

Here’s one thing that has crossed my mind too: According to records, the “LABAN” Partido ng Demokratikong Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-LABAN) where Duterte is the standard bearer, is the party of Aquino III’s dad, Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. I find this discovery a weird one, but I guess no one sticks to one place, yes.

Above all these, I am happy that most people who support Duterte are really supporting him as they campaign him. Last Thursday, I rode a jeep going to the Pasig Rotunda from Kapitolyo, and the fact that I was riding a jeep that has a boombox playing to the tune of a campaign song for Duterte had only sunked in as I got off to my destination.

I really wish this mindset of volunteerism continues in the country where I perceive everyone to be close-minded and not bothering with political affairs. I wish the spirit of volunteerism rubs off on everyone (and of course even me) so we can live better in the next few years.

I’ll have to close this post before I go off-tangent. Whoever you vote at the elections this Monday, let’s continue to be friends and let these things pass — one vote is worth nothing at all when it’s used as a reason to sever ties and burn bridges.