On Naruto and how it contributed to what streaming is today

So, the Naruto Manga has just reached 700 chapters, with the latest chapter telling who’s going to get married after all. After 15 years, this series has represented the majority of the Anime-viewing public, regardless of how other people (including fellow Anime fans) think about it.

Naruto has been loved by its fans regardless of how long the series went to — from the time is still a kid, to his transformation as a hokage had had wished from the start. Dattebayo Fansubs and Crunchyroll are among the numerous entities that had been notable since Naruto came.

Veterans may know that Dattebayo is the HorribleSubs of yesterday, and they were effective trolls; they are credited for releasing fast subtitled episodes of Naruto, Bleach and others. (Moving back, Dattebayo made fun of ABS-CBN and Filipino TV in general after they saw a fan video online where the network’s logo was placed.) There are some stories behind DB’s disappearance, like the one instance where they just left off and stopped doing projects altogether.

On the other hand, you mostly know Crunchyroll as one of the legit streaming services online, which was able to get a license to distribute the series. The once-illegal site went on to distribute more titles after that — including Bleach, One Piece and many more — after a trip to corporate Tokyo.

Moving back, what should we realize about Naruto?

  1. The series, along with the rise of the internet, helped developed these two entities.
  2. The series, albeit long, was enough for both entities to get their fan bases. In case of Crunchyroll, they were able to get the nod of Toei Animation for them to stream One Piece legally (the One Piece deal happened more than a year ago while the Naruto deal was realized in 2009).

Naruto is a name that Anime fans will remember — and as with what I have told you, we should also realize that it’s not just a story about a ninja.

If you have other stories that you want to recall once more, don’t be shy — chime in your reactions below.

Thanks @ZENjamibu for the corrections.