O-Kun Fiesta 2 — June 5, 2016

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Looks like I am really on a roll today. I’m going to show you the mementos that I took on the second day of O-Kun Fiesta 2 at the Function Hall 3 of SMX Manila yesterday, June 5.

The Otaku Asia Magazine, from which this event is based from, is three years old (their partner Arkadymac is a bit older though, nudge nudge).

They got a lot of guests, including the cosplay group Tonari no Tsuns and Little Things’ Ivyree Rosario. I’m going to set aside the fine print and go straight ahead with the photos.

The Cosplayers

The cosplay group Tonari no Tsuns.

Look closely at the eyes of this Anzu Futaba cosplayer — I see some resemblance to Yoshino Nanjo, but it’s just me.

Yes, Mumei is also here. I asked her which photo I took is cooler — the one without flash or the one with flash? She mentioned the former, but I found out that it’s a bit blurry. Hay, lighting, my goodness.

Send this to Mr. Matsuoka, please. I like it when Kirito and Sora get together in one pic, and that includes this candid shot.

I saw Hanayo, Eli and Nico cosplays that has LED in here, and the Hanayo cosplayer told me she got it from Taobao. I’m bedazzled with the lights. (The Nico pic was not included here as it’s a bit blurry as well. Once again, hay, lighting.)

Toy Photography?

The first pic wasn’t intended to be blurry, but I feel I can include this here as it implies that this helluva cat plans something in the shadows.

This. Just this.

“Lamay sa O-Kun”

This is the star of the event, and I stayed at the Team Onii-chan booth most of the time. The banner image above is the complete setup, while the other two below are the figures without the flowers and crying men.

Memento mori, guys.

Tanzaku Wall

Freedom of Expression! That’s what we’re about to be limited to because we abused it too much, but kidding aside, that’s what the Tanzaku wall is meant to be used for.

…I think I should leave this picture here and for you to discuss.

I forgot, some edgy memer pulled some strings to initiate the continuation of a never-ending dogfight that can surpass even the URCC fight between Baron “Wondo” Geisler and Kiko Matos. Obviously, I’m on ACGP’s side; but hey, this kind of meme train just doesn’t stop. Nagka-trabaho na kami’t namatay na ang Deremoe, andyan pa rin kayo, doing memes and stuff.

Thank God there’s Walkure. (Does the Walkure handsign)

“Idolized Salt”

There’s this group of people who did a simultaneous “idol scouting” as they play the LoveLive! School idol festival app outside the hall, and they were salty because only one of them got lucky with the items.

Hence the term, “Idolized Salt.”

It took me a bit to take photos during the cosplay competition, mainly because the lighting inside the hall is not something that I appreciate (or, hay, lighting), but I tried using the tripod and some imagination.

The cosplay competition’s setup is unique, as the judges are on the stage, and the cosplayers go to them. It’s like having a messenger come to the council of elders and deliver messages. Quite cool, but it can improve over time.

As much as I want to deliberate on the nitty-gritty of this event, my lunch is over, and so I will leave you with two Sakamotos and a post-event video. Good afternoon, folks!