November is a busy month.

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We’re just halfway through November, and I feel submerged in various activities. To give you a background, here’s what has happened to me:

The list goes on as we proceed with busy weekends:

  • November 18: Blogapalooza / Tribute Event for Dean Alvin
  • November 19: Photoshoot at the BGC
  • November 25: TokyoManiLove at Fisher Mall
  • November 26: The 85th Anniversary of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association / Otaku Connection Episode 3.5 at Starmall EDSA Shaw

I hereby commit to myself that I will relax next month, just before the #CosplayWeek cap off the year 2017.

Now that Angkas is deemed closed by the local transport board, I think I’ll be ending the Habal-Habal Diaries series I have on YouTube and move on to another concept which I am still thinking of at this point. The purpose of the series is already done — show how horrible Metro Manila traffic is through the eyes of a commuter who hails bikes to get away with it. What I would like to ask of everyone is to at least watch an episode of it.

I am also participating in an anime-related Twitter thread, so if you do want to know my tastes in anime, here’s the opportunity to do so. Talk to you soon!