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Noodlesoup, please don’t be like GoBoiano.

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I’ve just heard that @noodlesoup_moe, after many days of radio silence, will be rebuilt as a social platform, contrary to what it wanted to be in the first place.

Before we see the change that is coming, let me give the devs at @crrio what I think:

Please don’t make Noodlesoup the same way GoBoiano was made.

Why so? I’ve already have accounts at MyAnimeList, Anime-Planet, Hummingbird, GoBoiano social and AniList, and all of them are social networks for anime fans. I wish I can remove my MAL and A-P accounts but that would be a hassle.

I was inspired to see Noodlesoup the first time I saw it on Twitter. They said they will be more of a blog that similar to the likes of Organization Anti-Social Geniuses which will also talk about the anime industry aside from reviewing anime and manga and what not.

Why am I discouraging others to make a social network for a niche? We already have Facebook and Twitter, for goodness’ sake.

It’s the usual response, but why does it make sense to reiterate this again? What are GoBoiano social’s features, as far as I understand it?

  1. Connect with fellow fans
  2. Show your works

What are the features of MyAnimeList / Hummingbird / Anime-Planet, as far as I understand it?

  1. Track your anime- and manga-viewing habits
  2. Connect with fellow fans

What are the features of Facebook / Twitter / any other social network, as far as I understand it?

  1. Connect with friends
  2. Connect with friends.

As far as I, or perhaps my shallow mind, sees it, all of them are working in almost the same manner, so you can’t blame me if I worry about the outcome of Noodlesoup once it said that “we’ll be a social network.” How far it will go in terms of popularity? How well it will fare against the other websites that are running?

How many people will get enticed to join a service that is probably doing the same thing as the mainstream ones? It’s great to welcome each new member, but at the back of my mind, I was thinking: “Does the scenario of welcoming a few new members feel like we’re welcoming a few people who just got off a chopper?” Pretty twisted thinking, yes?

I do hope that I get my point straight with regards to this. To cap off, I’m excited that there’s this Noodlesoup that is coming and it has brought a new platform for coders to tweak on (they recently had the code up on GitHub), but at the same time, I worry for the future of the upcoming service (I treat social networks as a service).

God speed, Noodlesoup — I hope you do it differently, and I hope you do it big.

It caught my attention that Noodlesoup as a whole is phased out, and Twitter points out one conclusion — the whole thing is over-promised but under-delivered. That’s it.