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New Year, Status Quo Me: Desk Diary – January 01, 2022

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Happy New Year, everyone!

While I am thankful for passing 2021 alive, I am wondering if things have changed. Sure, we no longer have quarantine levels and instead it’s replaced with alert levels as if a volcano erupts; but nevertheless, it felt like quarantine.

Having lived with the virus around for two years, I felt I grew regressively. My mood swings felt worse, my longing for something went deeper, and I am dumbfounded once again to find my sense of self at the start of the year. Heck, I just checked the fireworks from inside my place. That’s about it.

Speaking from the heart, I felt that 2021 wasn’t over. I’m not yet done in planning ahead. I’m not yet ready for the year coming ahead. Do you feel the same? If yes, let’s have a virtual hug.

We don’t know what’s to come, but the best we can do at the moment is to bond with family.

Work will be back in two days. It’s status quo for me. I felt nothing has changed. It’s still 2020 too.

If there’s a good wind of change that I’ve experienced in 2021, it’s the fact that I got out and met my kind. It should be on YouTube now.

Now, for changes: I will channel more energy into what I do at Anime Corner, and I trust that recent developments will help grow its scope. Therefore, I won’t be doing much here at keepsakes. aside from posting podcasts and sharing memes on Facebook.

Yes, the podcast continues. I just need to muster up to approach the next guest.

That’s it for me, and I hope you find your happiness.