Never Forget.

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Never forget that you dreamt of something, and you want to make it real.

Never forget that you want to make that dream possible.

Never forget those who helped you as you go in each step.

Never forget to fight for what’s right.

Never forget your success, your achievements and how you realized your dreams.

Never forget your gut feeling.

Never forget the mistakes that you did.

Never forget that people will judge you based on what you did.

Never forget that someone will remember you for your mistakes.

Never forget that people will always tell your mistakes — upfront or behind your back, with a name or none.

Never forget the rage.

Never forget the embarrassment.

Never forget that the embarrassment that you did — or others have done against you — will remain forever.

Never forget that people are judgmental, no matter how you try to reason them.

Never forget the names of the people who got angry at you.

Never forget the feeling of betrayal.

Never forget the people who betrayed you.

Never forget the names of the people whom you gave consent to and blew it.

Never forget your sincerity.

Never forget that there are people who will never give you a chance to be sincere.

Never forget the pain and suffering you have felt, no matter how much you want to get rid of it.

Never forget the struggle that you faced.

Never forget your past mistakes.

Never forget the shame.

Never forget the feeling of depression.

Never forget the suicidal thoughts that you have, starting from the time the sun rose, up to the afternoons when you are doing something, up to the times that you are dozing off, until the time when you take rest in bed.

Never forget the voices in your head which tells you that you are a piece of sh*t.

Never forget that there are people who will never understand your side.

Never forget that there are people who will never get to hear your side.

Never forget that you have hurt their feelings.

Never forget the feeling of hesitation — if you are ready to talk to them or not.

Never forget to say sorry.

Never forget that there are people who are not yet ready to accept your apologies.

Never forget to understand people who aren’t ready to see you again in person.

Never forget that nobody’s perfect, no matter how people still perceive that there are such things as perfect people.

Never forget yourself.

Never forget that there is hope.

Never forget that there is reconciliation.

Never forget that there is a second chance.

Never forget that another door has opened for another door closed.

Never forget the good memories that you have done with or without someone.

Never forget to understand.

Never forget to take another step.

Never forget to recover.

Never forget your dreams, which has been the source of your passion, the “why” of things.

Never forget to look at the people you are talking to.

Never forget to pick the people you can trust.

Never forget that there is a God, “no matter how you conceive him to be”.

Never forget that you have a purpose.

Never forget where you came from.

Never forget how you went through life.

Never forget the “first times.”

Never forget who you are.

Never forget.