Neko Maid Cafe

“This one focuses on the food they serve.”

While I was at GameCon.PH, I was thinking where should I eat. My hesitant decision-making eventually led me to a maid who introduced me to Neko Maid Cafe, just around the leftmost corner of the venue. (What made me actually take a look at it is the discount they gave at that time — it was already minutes past 7:00pm.)

As I am waiting for my food, I am introduced to CJ*, who manages the operations. Let’s say this is their first, but CJ told me he has been to our local maid cafes (he also checked out a small maid cafe in Japan). One thing he notices with our current maid cafes is the food, he and his comrades tackled that, and Neko Maid Cafe is born.

Looking at its Facebook page, and they are partners with a local costume shop, which I guess provided the attire for the maids.

Life is not complete without rice, and so I tried their Donburi, which is well-done. The meat is soft, and it‘s flavorful too. As for the other aspects of the cafe, let’s just say that I already gave my feedback directly to CJ so they can ponder on it.

I’m OK with the experience I had inside the Neko Maid Cafe — and now that they got a great formula for their meals, I’m rooting for them to eventually cover the whole maid cafe experience that they’re longing to share to its visitors.