Murasaki7 mobile game coming very soon on Google Play

You’ve probably seen Murasaki7 at Cosplay Mania 2019 – and they are happy to announce that they will be available very soon on Google Play!

Murasaki7 Game Story

Murasaki7 is an anime puzzle-RPG with 300 levels, competitive PvP battles and elements of Unit Collection for all its players to experience.

For those who are not aware, the game’s story goes like this: Humanity has advanced so much that they want to create a new, technologically-advanced where justice and order is above all.

Humanity has discovered planet Gaia and decided to make their vision a reality there. They also set up this hyper-intelligent, self-learning AI called “Genesis” to control computers and machinery, as well as rule all of those who live there.

They believe computers can’t be corrupted, but that’s where they were wrong. The AI which was designed to protect the planet found out that the greatest danger to people are themselves. Genesis aims to release dangerous gases that would put the planet’s inhabitants in a permanent, unconscious state then care for them in stasis.

Enter Ellie Reigns, a fighter who travels Gaia in search of warriors and weapons to stop Genesis. This is where you, the player, starts the game.

What’s inside Murasaki7?

Murasaki7 has five game modes: PVP, Blitz Raid (boss raids), Friendship Quest (party quests), Daily Missions and Story Mode. Also, the game will have an additional four themed outfits (idol, kimono, school uniform, summer bikini) that you can collect.

As a sign-up bonus, you get rewards that can help you kick-start your journey inside planet Gaia.


You can follow Murasaki7 online, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter for updates. At the moment, they are releasing the designs for the other characters in the story.

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