More Jumping Hearts (and Jimo Ais)

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…at the Aqours 2nd LoveLive! HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR as it was seen by the local community

WATCH THIS VLOG FIRST, then you can continue below.

On this post, let me narrate the sights that I saw inside the Delayed Live Viewing. Sure, the aircon was no match for us (so much that I thought the theater was fitting the theater’s atmosphere to that of the MetLife Dome as Anju Inami asks the audience, “Did you sweat a lot?” ), but then again everyone inside the theater is ready — those opened light sticks and kingblades are really noticeable, attractive to the eye and exciting to the soul.

These photos are taken before the start of the screening. Some light sticks are already open at this time.

A collective of those opened kingblades and light sticks will tell you “We are ready.” We almost lost hope when it was announced that there will be no direct, via-satellite live viewing, but a delayed live viewing got us back on track. It shows no matter what time it is, when it’s time to jam, it’s time to jam.

Now that I mentioned those right off the bat, let’s proceed with the notable tracks that have been played during Day 2 of the Live, the subject of this Delayed Live Viewing:

  1. HAPPY PARTY TRAIN — It’s just the start of the Live and some are already breaking the precious ultra orange sticks IN THE FIRST CHORUS.
  2. Pops heart de Odorun damon! — MOTTO MOTTO MOTTO MOTTO MOTTO MOTTO — ok, ok, sorry, I was carried away with that one.
  3. Natsu e no Tobira Never end ver. — I am now reminded with this Catholic festival as soon as I see this being performed.
  4. Manatsu wa Dare no Mono? — OLE! You can feel the sisterhood as Arisa Komiya and Ai Furihata performs this in complete flamenco fashion (unpopular opinion: I thought they are donning belly dance attire).
  5. Jimo Ai ♡ Mantan ☆ Summer Life — JIMO AI! JIMO AI! JIMO AI! JIMO AI! JIMO AI! じも┗( ^ω^ )┓┗( ^ω^ )┓あい じも┗( ^ω^ )┓┗( ^ω^ )┓あい じも┗( ^ω^ )┓┗( ^ω^ )┓あい
  6. Mijuku DREAMER — I went slightly wild.
  7. Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM — “I went totally wild” is an understatement. We who are in the upper box went wilder, but those below went all-out. It helps that there is a middle aisle in that area, so what do we got? A small aisle mosh pit. ??, my friends.
  8. Daydream Warrior — This is a grrrrreat song.
  9. Thrilling・One Way — THIS IS A GRRRRRRRREAT SONG, and I am ashamed that I only realized it there.
  10. Kinmirai Happy End — If you seen the intro to the vlog earlier, I borrowed that CYaRon flag; and as this was playing, I followed the flag around the theater. Woop woop.
  13. SKY JOURNEY — don’t bully the wooby guyssssss-ESPECIALLY YOU DIA, FOR SHAAAAAAME
  14. MIRAI TICKET — Best song
  15. Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? — BESTEST song
  16. Encore: Sunshine Pikkapika Ondo—Anchan doing the taiko drum, everyone marching with their nesoberis, fans clapping to the beats as others wave their light sticks… it is that moment which others find rowdy, but it’s BEAUTIFUL.

After the Delayed Live Viewing, I joined @zeroblade and friends in a food trip at Dencio’s, tried to use a DJ mixer and then joined @xliezard’s company who then taught me about Niji no Conquistador’s MIX, only to stop at QC before going home. Great night indeed.

Come to think of it, this is an OK deal for the licensing and distributing ends as they will no longer burden themselves with the technicalities that had happened during the 1st LoveLive!.

This might be the last time I will be viewing a concert (adulting is me, woe is me); but for the rest of the fans, I say this: Don’t cry because the 2nd LoveLive! is over, smile because there’s a third one happening this early summer. It rhymes.