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Misaki Cyber Con at SM City Taytay

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This is a continuation of my brief trip in Taytay.

On to the second leg of this year’s Misaki Cyber Con in Rizal, we see a much wider audience compared to the one held last week in Angono.

Misaki Con’s been done for years, so it’s no-brainer that this is the local community event Rizaleños are waiting for — see the audience for your reference.

I came into the event at around 5pm, and the SM City Taytay Event Center stage is filled with cosplayers and enthusiasts alike.

Of course, there’s Pokemon as Pokemon GO is trending. I catch up with what Arkadymac and his comrade Ai Chi (pictured here as an anthropomorphized Mew) is doing in these two pics. May God give Sir Mack a day or two off for his backlogs, I want to see his pics.

From the casual dress-ups to detailed costumes, cosplayers from nearby areas showed themselves in this event albeit the downy weather conditions.

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This year’s Misaki Con is indeed the same as with last week’s or last year’s, but the cosplayers add more spice and variety in it. Kudos to the cosplayers who attended, and to the organizers (and the namesake Ashley Misaki herself) who does this annually.

I won’t be active next week as I will focus on the Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs’ Expo happening this Friday to Sunday at the SM Megatrade Hall 1, and I hope I see you there (coming in the event’s for free).