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Minutes of the WCS PH Hangout

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May 1, 2013 isn’t just Labor Day in most parts of the world — it’s a big day for those who are waiting for the news about World Cosplay Summit Philippines.

Anime Alliance Philippines, as the WCS PH Committee, held two live discussions online through Google+ Hangouts to discuss the stuff needed for World Cosplay Summit Philippines 2013, and Deremoe was invited to participate in the discussion.

(First iteration, streamed around 2pm)

We took our time to take note of what we understand about the discussions afterwards for the benefit of those who wasn’t able to see it. This has been arranged into different sections for convenience.

To set your expectations, the full list of rules and regulations are still not released, but it seems that the WCS PH Committee is already updating in regards to the pertinent details.

Rules and Regulations

  • Works allowed are as follows: Anime, Manga, Movie or Music Video licensed by a Japanese entity — no fan-made stuff. No innuendos.
  • Once you are registered and inspected, you’ll be sent to the Cosplayers’ Area. The Cosplayers’ Area is isolated to avoid any fraudulent activity that might happen.
  • Once you enter the Cosplayers’ Area, you won’t be able to get out unless you have an extraordinary excuse for the security team, and once approved, an escort will accompany you.
  • You shall have only one helper per team to assist you, and they are discourage to interact with other people as well.
  • The media / press partners will be given a few minutes to interview the contestants and afterwards, they will be escorted out.
  • The contestant pairs (teams) are not allowed to use audio from character voices (Seiyuu); they will be dubbing the lines themselves.
  • The teams will be given 2 minutes and 30 seconds to perform with a 90-second time for stage setting.
  • WCS PH will follow the WCS Rules and Regulations.
  • The winning pair will be trained for the intermission sequence.
  • WCS will send a representative to the country for the selection process.
  • Once that the Philippines has been allowed to compete, the WCS rules will apply.

Registration Process

  • The teams will fill up the Team Profile Form (which will be sent online at wcsph [at] animealliance.asia) and the Personal Registration Form (to be brought on-site)
  • WCS PH will have a quota of 30 teams (60 Cosplayers) and they will be provided invites to the qualifiers with the details and other important information. They need to bring the invites prior to their attendance.
  • In the registration, the names of the individuals should reflect the Valid ID that they will provide.
  • As long as you’re 18 by the time of the WCS event in Nagoya, Japan (3 August 2013), you’re allowed to enter.
  • Seven (7) teams will be selected to proceed to the Final Qualifiers at Hero Face-Off 4 (16 June, SM Megatrade Hall 3).
  • Hero TV will pay for the transportation expenses for the winning team.
  • As per rules, photos and videos taken at the winning team’s stay in Japan will be property of the World Cosplay Summit Committee.
  • By any chance that the WCS PH Committee wasn’t able to meet the quota; or if the WCS Committee feel that it’s insufficient, the registered Cosplayers who sent their forms will be screened for selections.
  • Everyone can still join the qualifiers regardless of the same costume that they have, if by chance that they were unable to win a previous qualifier.
  • The WCS PH Committee will announce if the registrations are closed.
  • There will be no more registration for the WCS PH Final Qualifiers.
  • Assessments will be done by mid-May to make sure if the selected teams can go to Subic.
  • Cosplayers are not ranked.

Subic (National) Qualifiers

  • It will be in the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center on 8 June.
  • Event hall will be open by 10am
  • Event will have separate areas: (1) Cosplayers’ Area, (2) Stage, (3) VIP Area, and another area.
  • Since Hero TV will sponsor the event, it might be possible for them to have a booth in the event area.
  • There is a mention of a Cosplay parade around Subic on the nights of 7th and 8th at 6 in the evening.

Event Hall specifications

  • It has a high ceiling.
  • The area will be as big as combined halls 2 and 3 of the SM Megatrade Hall.
  • The stage will be in a 16 x 32 sq. ft size.
  • They will announce the smallest stage size possible so that the teams can adapt easily.


  • Attendees can buy tickets in the venue.
  • AAP said that Php100 entrance fee shall be charged.
  • If the teams arrive by the 7th June, they are free to practice on the stage.
  • The Cosplayers are free to roam around Subic.
  • The event will be solely a Cosplay competition, a la American Idol auditions.
  • SBMA offered the boardwalk to the PH Committee for free, and they might tap Cosplay Network Philippines for assistance.

Costume issues

  • AAP considers every costume as hand-made to ease-out the registration, but in the next iteration, they will be strict in the costumes. They mentioned that they have contacts to ask to verify if they created the costumes that the contestants are wearing prior to the competition.
  • The WCS PH Committee will be strict in the props’ weight and height dimensions, but there is no height restrictions for the costumes.

Hero Face-Off 2013

Since Hero TV and TOYCON 2013 don’t have any official releases yet, take this with a grain of salt for a while.

  • HFO 2013 will still have a Group and Kids’ Cosplay category, and the only thing that will be removed in this instance is the Individual Cosplay competition to give way to the WCS PH Final Qualifier.
  • Hall 3 of Megatrade Hall will be solely for the Cosplay event, and is sponsored by Hero TV.

For the Winning Team

  • The winning pair will need to bring three (3) sets of costumes prior to their stay — each for the Parade, the Press Appearances and for the Intermission.
  • If by any chance that the winning team will be accompanied by a guardian, the expenses shall go to the team’s side and not on the WCSPH side.
  • If the winning contestant goes back to his / her country of residence (abroad), he / she has to talk to Hero TV for arrangements.
  • AAP will limit info on the winning team’s preparations for the WCS.
  • Hero TV might cover the winning team’s journey in Japan and document it in a TV special.

Other Issues Addressed

  • Why Subic? The venue is in the Central Luzon area; this is for the benefit of those who will come from Northern Luzon.
  • Arrangements — they will update the WCS PH website for information.
  • AAP solicits the hotel they lodged in to accommodate the Cosplayers and attendees.
  • The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority arranged the accommodations for AAP’s visit to Subic, according to the conversation.
  • AAP is pushing for tour packages for those who will attend the event at Subic, since they are also promoting Subic’s tourism.
  • Transportation: AAP is still looking for partners to help with transportation.
  • They are in talks to get 3 chartered buses that will send the contestants to and from the event; and if approved, they will have assigned departure times (from Manila) of 6am, 7am and 8am. The ride will take three (3) hours, as of note.
  • Food logistics
  • WiFi access — the PH Committee can’t commit for separate WiFi access but if possible, they can share the access to the selected media partners.
  • AAP is trying to cut down on expenses for WCS, so they can’t commit to a live internet stream.
  • Movie Cross-overs (e.g. Lupin III vs Detective Conan) are accepted, but AAP discourages the episode-only cross-overs (e.g. Sket Dance x Gintama), saying that “we’re not testing” WCS.
  • Preparations for WCS 2013
  • The PH Committee wants the teams to prepare now.
  • The National Qualifiers of WCS PH are part of the preparations for this year’s, and the WCS Committee encourages the Philippines to push the preparations for this year’s WCS. If this was not pushed through, it might take a longer time for the country to upgrade its status.
  • It’ll be difficult to have qualifiers in the Visayas-Mindanao area due to the lack of time for preparations, and their partners Anigumi Joukai and Ambox Events understand that.
  • AAP finds that the preparations are rushed, but they are not holding back. They want to meet the WCS Committee’s expectations.
  • The WCS Committee has no hold of how participating countries do their preliminaries, and this doesn’t need authorization from them.
  • The preparations for WCS 2014 may start at Best of Anime 2013 but as of this moment nothing has been finalized yet.