MIA Online Mobile to add Cross-server feature

Mobile game expands to Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Russia soon. Yes, Russia.

The great guys at Cubizone continues to inform me about MIA Online Mobile, and I’d like to have them speak for themselves as they release their new game updates:

CUBINET, a member of 7 Senses Group, shares that the MIA ONLINE: 3D OPEN WORLD ACTION MMORPG will be available this year in different regions across the globe to battle it out on a new feature slated for released which is the Cross-Server Platform!

The Cross-Server Platform will allow players for different countries to battle each other for supremacy in-game! MIA Online will be expanding to countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Russia. More people will be able to converge in the game sharing the same goal; to become the strongest hero and nation in the Mystical World of MIA ONLINE. This is only the beginning

Players will be thrilled to know that MIA Online is now launched on both Android and iOS platforms. MIA Online is cross-platform game which allows players to meet each other in-game.

Expect new servers to be opened to welcome new players on a global scale who want to take the adventurous path to become a Hero in MIA ONLINE.

Expect more contents such as Cross-server Wars, PvE contents and more exciting features.

They’re adding three new systems (Cloak, Artifact, Mercenary), a new chapter (New God’s Ring [Elf Chapter]), new mounts and new costume sets.

In addition, they have updates on their PvEs, which I can interpret basically as new bosses to beat (Lv80 Team Dungeon — Spider Cave, Lv80 World Boss — Ghoul Boss, New Solo Dungeon — Energy Altar)

Players can also stay informed on Social Handles for MIA ONLINE as follows:

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