MIA Online Mobile Hari Raya Patch

The Muslim world celebrated Eid al-Fitr Wednesday June 5 — and in line with this, MIA Online Mobile added a seasonal Hari Raya Patch for everyone to participate. Here’s the details from the note they sent to us:

Photo Handout by Cubizone


Players will be able to battle their way as a Nation to have a chance to win rare seasonal items such as the following:

  • Seasonal Mount: Garuda, Rimau
  • Seasonal Costume: Ryuzuki
  • Seasonal Weapon & Gears: Varson
  • Many more…
Photo Handout by Cubizone

In-game Activities

  • Raya World Boss — The mighty Raya has spawned! Defeat the world boss to get rewards.
  • Firework — Celebrate this special feast by using fireworks and receive amazing prizes!
  • Coin Dungeon — Defeat as many Coin Monsters as possible. The rare Mount: Rimau may spawn, tame it and its yours.
  • Ketupat — Collect Ketupat as many as possible and participate on Exchange Events
  • Many more…

In-game events will run from June 5, 2019 to July 5, 2019. Players can check the official website at http://bit.ly/MIARayaPatch for more details or check in-game!

MIA Online will be expanding to countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia. A cross server feature is also slated to allow regions to battle it out on MIA Online with its intense multi-scale PvP Features. More people will be able to converge in sharing the same goal — become the strongest Heroes defending their Nations in the mystical world of MIA Online.

MIA Online is a 3D Open world Action MMORPG available on Google Play and App Store. Launched by CUBINET, a member of 7 Senses Group, it currently has 6 servers catering to SEA Countries and 1 server for USA with more servers coming soon.