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Cosplay Craze at Masinag, Antipolo — 10 April 2016

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It’s been a long time since I attended a Cosplay.ph event, so it’s good to hear that they have one in Masinag.

For the record, I was supposed to attend Cosplay Mania last year and watch Pile with the fans but due to the issue Deremoe (in which I am its Editor) had before, I was advised not to attend by friends. That same issue made Cosplay.ph’s head Pablo Bairan mention that we are blocked from acquiring media access for CosMania (in which I accept their decision wholeheartedly) as we always criticize their organization.

Why do I have to mention this now? I made it a point to discuss the brouhaha to people I trust who will understand my side. If I mentioned this to you with a cold heart and a mind still enraged, you won’t be able to hear me as your emotions will go first than your mind. Trust me, I’m also like that.

It’s been six months since I’ve shut down and killed Deremoe before it lays more eggs, and as with this case, I still attend their event without any grudge against them — only shame, since I have known my place in the community after the brouhaha. Sila may nagawa, eh kami, ano? This seems like underestimating myself and the small albeit useful contributions that we did (such as the EventsChart), but I believe this is justified. Until now, I’m still being told to move on, as people make mistakes and so on.

It’s been six months and as far as Deremoe’s concerned, I am the only one who has not moved on from its demise. This just goes that I, for once, take the things I took with passion seriously.

Moving on, here are some of the pictures I’ve taken during the event:

Congratulations to Richard (who showed up as Saitama from One Punch Man — with and without the hair intact) for being selected to the Cosplay Mania Cup.

…and I hope I cosplayers are satisfied with what I took.

Since this is my space to write on things, I’d like to mention that early bird tickets for Cosplay Mania is up, and I’m going to get one in the next few weeks. See you in the next events.