March Madness

March Madness

Nope, I ain’t talking about the US NCAA Men’s Basketball championship here.

As with the month of February, March has a lot of events for me at the company:

  1. Pasig City Women’s Summit (this Tuesday)
  2. Sales Leadership Masterclass with SOCO Selling’s Tom Abbott (this Friday, March 31)

With those things at hand, I wasn’t able to post often here and on Facebook. Nevertheless, I’m hoping to see you at these events.

I’ve been contacted by a friend if I would like to check out their upcoming event in commemoration of the release of a sequel to a popular game — I’ve been to the venue where they will hold the said event once.

Once me and my friend exchanged further information about what they will do, I’ll let you know — and this will count as my second official coverage of a community event (the first one is AniZone’s In The Zone).

See you soon!