No Live Sports Watch Marble and Diecast Racing

Marble, Diecast Racing is now my new favorite quarantine pastime

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John Oliver rekindled my fascination with Jelle’s Marble Runs after he announced that his show Last Week Tonight will sponsor this year’s Marble League.

I got so excited with the opening of the 2020 Marble League that I waited until it gets premiered before I sleep – at around 4 in the morning.

Sure, the quarantine is slowly breaking me with the line between work and life blurring out every day, but I’m happy that I get to witness how marble racing has evolved.

Aside from Jelle’s, we have Fubeca, which launched an accelerator similar to those Hot Wheels boosters, effectively upping the game.

…and that’s just the start of it. YouTube algorithm has made me watch the 3DBotMaker Japanese Diecast Car racing tournament. It was nuts.

Aside from VTubers, I now frequent the channels featured on this post. That said, I hope you all entertain yourselves because this quarantine is nasty.