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Manga Hokusai Manga

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Art Exhibit featuring Hokusai’s Manga and how it shaped the industry as we see it now

Just a week before ToyCon, I visited the Ateneo Art Gallery to witness the “Manga Hokusai Manga” exhibit presented by the Japan Foundation, Manila with support from Embassy of Japan, Manila.

All that I know of Hokusai is the famous painting, which is actually a part of his “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji” series, but I didn’t know that he has done something beyond that. The exhibit chronologically shows the works of Hokusai, as well as contemporary works.

The Hokusai Manga features more than 4,000 sketches and includes instructions on how to draw them. From what I’ve learned, he’s been observing life and animals and flowers so he can draw them right on.

Lines, objects, people. These are among the subjects of the works that are in the exhibit. There are also a few works that I can somehow recognize.

Hokusai’s life has been featured in illustrated works — some depicting him as a grandpa, some as a father. He even drawn himself a self-illustration.

Now that I’ve shared how Hokusai and his Manga has been defined through this exhibit, let’s take a peek at his influence in today’s industry. The last part of the exhibit showcases the manuals and the creations that have been done in the present.

Here are some parting pictures before we end this post, with some featuring the art interpreting current events in the 70’s. Have a great Monday, friends.

Thanks to Japan Foundation Manila and the Ateneo Art Gallery for this exhibit. Looking forward to more from the JFM.