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Making podcasts available on YouTube

I’ve contemplated well enough to syndicate the podcast on both Audio and Video, but while select podcast content are available on YouTube already, I’d like to put my podcasts there, considering that most podcasters are doing so.

I’ve had my stand on podcasting before: If it’s not on Apple Podcasts, it’s not a podcast. But many years had passed since then, and already I find myself irrelevant with this cause of mine.

That said, allow me to introduce the podcasts to the YouTube audience.

Starting with episodes 1 to 7, keepsakes.: The Podcast will be available on YouTube as an archive starting today. Again, most of the content if not all will be in audio only.

This August, we will be retrofitting the podcast to do well with both video and audio so you can also see our guests on camera.

That said, enjoy the rest of the week and hope you listen to my next podcast.