Loving Rainbow Garden Cosplay Festival

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Loving Rainbow Garden Cosplay Festival [Jay Agonoy / keepsakes.]

The Loving Rainbow Garden is just near Commonwealth Avenue, and if you think of it, it’s just near the Iglesia ni Cristo Central Temple — that is if you’re going to walk. I think commuting by car is a bit of a hassle, but that is just me speaking without experiencing.

The Garden has an indoor area and two outdoor areas, so if you plan to have your party somewhere, you have a bit of a hint in this place thank to this event.

Adding to the scenery, this event is headed by a cosplayer with the name of Loki Heart, whom I consider a veteran in the community. What made me go see it at a day when I was supposed to relax is the doubt of the venue owner itself on its turnout, which kinda pissed me off since I like to go to cosplay events and I will go whenever I have the time. Besides, I trust Loki — and so the hundreds of people who went during the weekend.

The Cosplay Festival gave a great experience despite the harsh weather conditions during the said weekend. The thing about outdoor venues is that it’s humid when it’s hot and when it rain it pours, so I’m glad we have that blessed indoor venue. The rain stops at the start of the night, I went home, and I realized I should’ve stayed because the garden’s much greater at night — who’s in for some casual garden party?

Compare the top-left image with the other images in this set. The top one was the best image I can capture using my digicam, and the other three were test shots. The guy understands how suffering it is to take photos in the dark with a digicam, and I applaud him for that. /salute

As always, here are the photos of cosplayers I took. Also, thanks to that blank white space which I used as an impromptu photo wall.

If you’ve watched the video earlier, you realized what the heck I was doing with the swing thingy — don’t even think, I was just doing it for kicks.

Also, I miss see-saws.