Long time no see: Desk Diary – April 13, 2021

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The title says it all. Just how long has it been since I wrote something like this?

I am happy and blessed to still share content here despite the commitments that I have. In the next few weeks, I’ll be embarking on another hell of a trip, as work tasks gradually pile up.

I always think of the phrase “Dense, shaking, and overflowing” each time we secure a project. While I can whine all the time during the project period (just like every creative and technical in the field, don’t lie), in the end, once the project is done, I’m good.

Then I ask to relax for a week or two, depending on how my mind and body coordinates with each other.

In most quarterly transitions, I always have this feeling that “I don’t want to work,” and I don’t want to do anything, just like the Bruno Mars song. In the end, I keep myself motivated. Just look at now, I’m writing this during a time when I’m active – at around past midnight.

Above all else, I think this is normal. Should it be? No, not at all… but to think of job security at this crucial moment, I am as blessed as the ones who have their jobs still secured, and are still working in these troubled times.

As for the troubles, it’s all in my head (and my body). I just don’t realize I’ve got past over it. Don’t get me started with work-life balance though, that’ll be a long story.

Maono desktop microphone beside my current workspace.

Shopee got me with their 4.4 Sale. They led me to buy a desktop mic, which is perfect for podcast recordings and some streaming. I already tried this Maono desktop mic that I got for around half the price on that day alone.

It was a solid deal that it really sold out. I was about to link the item to you guys, but they do have mics around Php3,000 up on the Maono Shopee store.

That said, this secures my foothold further into podcasting. I’m still thinking of a suitable workflow, but we will get there eventually. Hopefully, this mic does wonders.

Again, if you don’t see me here that quite often, I’m busy with helping Anime Corner at the sidelines. I almost forgot that this month is when Deremoe was established.

While I already closed the book with the Deremoe Archive vlog series, I still say that I won’t be in my current state if not for my activity in the said group blog.

I’ll cap off this Desk Diary for now, and I hope I can write more in the next few days.

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