LittleBits, Drones and Innovation at Manila Mini Maker Faire 2017

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June 11, 2017 — Mind Museum at BGC Taguig

I passed by the Mind Museum at the BGC to check out the Manila Mini Maker Faire. This weekend event boasts of various exhibits about creativity and just plainly making things in general.

Among the photos in this gallery include:

  • A different way to present and package cupcakes all in one — I’ve been told that this student project has been presented to entreps in Iligan city, and so I mentioned that the Department of Science and Technology has its packaging division that they might want to check out. I’m positive for it, if I say so myself.
  • A demo of LittleBits and how it works — while it’s not necessarily in the internet-of-things landscape, it shows the bare basics of how kids can make tech stuff.
  • SkyEye Drone Racing Series — while I was only able to see just one round due to time constraints, I’m already in daydream mode on how this should be broadcast all over the local TV or the internet.

I also did a short video montage in the end of this post. See you in the next events!