Virtual YouTubers

Watching Virtual YouTubers is basically watching a live adlib of an anime character, mostly without subtitles from the get-go. Another term for this are “Virtual Streamers,” “Virtual Personalities,” and the like, depending on what they do on stream or how they profess themselves as.

On this section, you will see and hear my thoughts on Virtual YouTubers and how it will change us.

Virtual YouTuber conduct: First podcast of 2021

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What makes a VTuber seiso – or seison’t? How does a VTuber avoid falling into the pit of being not seiso? What makes a VTuber consistent? I tried to answer those questions with Josh of Allineus Productions.

My Best VTuber Experiences in 2020

“Unlike in local idols, I kept watching #VTubers despite all of the bad stuff they had. I’m confident to say that I can accept this community even at its worst.”

Virtual YouTubers in 2020: Cautious but optimistic

“As with any form of live streaming show, it takes two to tango: Don’t forget your fans, and the fans won’t forget you. Coco makes her viewers feel special, so much that it’s a running gag that AsaCoco is a literal drug and the viewers are addicted to it.”