Graduating from MNL48

“tl;dr – I’m graduating as well from the MNL48 fandom following my kamioshi, and let the newer fans do their thing.”

Seikimatsu Blue movie cast and staff at Coslandia 2019

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Seikimatsu Blue, the upcoming movie adaptation of the manga of the same name, is among the headliners of Coslandia 2019. The cast and staff of the film adaptation including MNL48’s Abby, Coleen, Brei, and Kay are present during the said event.

Kasalanan natin ito, MNLoves.

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“I’ve skimmed through the source material and find that the said piece also shares my sentiments, so I decided to make a twist out of it. I took my liberty to revise the words, and I did my best to keep the thought.”