Kendo and Weiβ Schwarz — 30 January 2016

Just before the month of January ends, I was invited to two activities in one day.


I was able to join a Kendo practice for two hours. My impression of Kendo came from its depiction in Naoki Hanzawa and in various anime series, so it will be the first time that I am going to do a practice session for real.

As a beginner, I have realized that my hand and foot movements are out of sync, much like my life nowadays. Koji Igarashi-sensei of the Iga Kendo Club (which holds the session) told me that Kendo needs a big (loud) voice, and I find it a challenge as I have a deep voice.

The other challenge that I had is in one session where I had to hit a target (a human in armor) with the shinai. One of them told me that it’s okay since they are in armor, but I find myself either closing my eyes as I hit it. I’ve been afraid of being hit (or hitting physically), and I find this feeling relateable to the numerous people who participate in online discussions.

I did observe that kids also participate in the session with their parents watching them from the bleachers, which is cool, as you can easily teach children more than adults.

Kendo taught me many things and helped me clear my mind, so I am looking forward to participate in another practice session in my spare time. For the meantime, I’m looking to redo the exercises that has been taught to us.

More info about the IGA Kendo Club on the link below.They also have a website:

Weiβ Schwarz

The next destination that I’ve been into is Ermita, where I was supposed to do something personal — instead, I participate in a trial game of Bushiroad’s Weiβ Schwarz at the GCS Anime Toy Shop, which took three hours or so because of all the math involved in it.

What I understood in playing the game with Andree is that the card you’re playing matters. I played a Nisemonogatari deck that has been borrowed to me with a Symphogear deck that Andree has. As a coach, Andree has taught me that the card’s abilities and actions is a big deal in Weiβ Schwarz, so it’s better to know every card that you will play in your hand.

There is a manual (PDF) provided for everyone in the game’s website describing its’ basics, including the turn progression.

I’m planning to go to GCS at my free time to play more Weiβ Schwarz, as I see potential in it, unlike building a Gunpla (something I failed to commit). Weiβ Schwarz is a game that can be analysed, much like Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!, and I see myself shoutcasting for some matches in the future. I hope this doesn’t end up like my commitment in Gunpla.

To end this post, here’s a shot of Ermita at night. Have a happy February, folks!

Thanks to Justin Baliao for telling me that it’s ‘Andree’, not ‘Andree’.