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Photos and snippets from Day 2 Live Viewing of Aqours’ First Love Live! at the Megamall

Wow. Just wow. After μ’s Final Love Live, we got another live viewing at the Megamall — and thankfully, it happened on a weekend.

Confused?: I met the guy who mashed up μ’s and Aqours for his kingblade for this live viewing, and at first it was just a simple mashup until he upgraded it for Day 2 — and it looks fantastically funny.

I’ve heard and seen through my news feed that on Day 1, Shukashuu (Shuka Saito, as Yō Watanabe) felt dominant due to her apparent lack of exhaustion. Considering her dancing background — and we might as well consider that she’s the youngest among Aqours — he did routines with vigor and full of energy. With this, Shukashuu gained more fans.

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On Day 2, it was Rikyako (Rikako Aida, as Riko Sakurauchi) who stole the hearts of the fans. Well, I’ll let Twitter explain the basics.

…and while that happens, what was supposed to be a sea of different colors turned into pink, Riko’s representing color, as the audience cheer her up. Not just onsite, but also on Twitter.

As fan Darryl states on his post at the local Love Live Philippines Community group, “Most of the time, we think that these idols are our heroes. But at a very special segment at today’s First Live, we see a reversal. For this time, I saw before me how we fans have become the hero our beloved idols needed to keep pushing on. Most of the time, we think that our idols save us, but tonight, it occurred to us that we also become the saviors of our idols.”

As of this writing, I was still thinking of Rikyako. After all, it reminded me of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso’s Kousei Arima. I also panicked when this happened; but we’re all calm now, I suppose. Overall, this instance is a miracle. Fans have their idols to cheer on, and this exemplifies that.

Let’s not forget Ainya (Aina Suzuki, as Mari Ohara) as well — she’s second to Shukashuu in the passion category. She caught my attention as she does things with flair. So is Aikyan (Aika Kobayashi, as Yoshiko “Yohane” Tsushima).

Breaks are important in performances such as these, and they did something different to the point of making a debate on (as I understand it) which food is best to eat in Yokohama. There’s Team Ramen, Team Siumai (we call it Siomai here) and Team Curry.

Fans still had their quirks on Day 2 — here are some of the photos that I took there.

As for the announcements that were stated on Day 2 — including a three-leg, two-day Live Tour across Japan — here’s my thoughts: The Love Live! School idol project started with μ’s and went on for six years or so before spinning off to Sunshine!! where Aqours is in now.

Considering that the second season of the anime series will air this year, plus the Live Tour I’ve mentioned earlier, this shows that the spin-off project has a rather faster pace compared to the previous one. There’s still that bit of fear and concern that will linger for the project itself as time passes, but I’m feeling more excited in these developments.

T’was yet another great day spending time with your nakama (comrades), bursting your energy and passion with them, and enjoying the best moments that the First Love Live! has offered. Many thanks to the key people who rallied us, the fans, to make this possible. Hoping to see the second live (tour) at the cinemas again, and hope to see you again soon.

Animate Times has pictures of the said event held in Yokohama.