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July-August 2020 Podcast Update: Cosplay, Events, Careers and Wotagei

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Just after we launched the first podcast episode syndicated on both and YouTube, let’s have a recap of all the episodes (posted and upcoming) for the months of July and August.

In and Out of Cosplay (July 13)

On this episode, we look back at our third Twitch live with cosplayers Ai Natsumi, Mais Semblante and Diane Marie Sabandeja as we talk about their lives on and off their cosplay careers. Gary Montejo co-hosts this discussion from his home base in Cebu.

This is the audio version of the recently-finished Twitch stream with highlights already on YouTube.

While there’s definitely technical issues on Ai’s side, much to the disappointment of fellow mongrels who are very much active during the stream, I look forward to the installation of more infrastructure before this year ends so that we can have her back.

Cebu Hobby Event Organizers’ Roundtable (July 27)

We take a look back at the successful Cebu Hobby Events Organizers’ Roundtable held last May 30, featuring Max Qman Maquiling of UNITY Productions and Cebu Esports United, Jomar Joshua of Otakufest, Joshua Varela of Toys and Figures Convention Cebu and Jolu Escaño of ARCHcon Cebu. Journalist Red Mendoza moderated this panel discussion from his home base in Quezon City.

Following the successful Twitch steam, I sought Gary’s help to get in touch with Cebu’s hobby events organizers, and I’m really happy with the output. This is the audio version of the successful event, and I hope for an encore as things have changed drastically.

Career Talk – Cosplay to Digital Marketing (August 10)

Just before we reach 80 episodes, I decided it will be the best for the podcast to have its video version – almost everyone’s in it these days. Now that the podcast has a face to show on video, we are introducing our first guest for this month’s lineup. Prior to serving real estate clients with her digital marketing skills, most of you may have known Jasteanne Benito as the cosplayer Loli-J. On this episode, we will take a few pages from her book and share to us her life and the lessons she learned along the way.

The moment Jasteanne posted her online course certificate, I thought of guesting her already, so here we go. She’s an example of people in small businesses who are going big in their respective fields. Watch us on YouTube.

Usapang Wotagei at iM@S (August 24)

For our episode this month, we are joined by wotagei player Hinootora for a discussion on her wotagei journey (including her brief journey on how she got scouted by her current team Senkou Wotagei Dan), as well as her past accolade (whom she credits to our iM@S PH seniors Lor and Louie).

It took quite a while until I got to record an episode with one of the few ladies in the Philippines’ wotagei community. Looking forward to have another wotageishi in the future podcast episodes.

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