JPOP Anime Singing Contest 2016 Grand Finals — 23 July 2016

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I used to juggle two events in one day, and luckily they’re in the same location, so I was able to satisfy myself. (The other event I went to is the 2016 Franchise Asia Philippines Expo at the SMX.)

This event, which started at around 1:30PM, lists 15 finalists on the slate with four intermissions (from Doraemon and friends, Kawaii5, last year’s winner Maychell Hernandez and the Embassy of Japan’s No Plan Band respectively) in between.

This event is being held annually as part of the Japan-Philippines Friendship Celebration (which marks its 60th year this 2016) by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines together with the Japan Foundation, Manila.

I tried my best to take the photos from inside clearly (and I think I missed a few parts when I had to take a break), but here’s what happened inside:

The grand finals went on so fast — it lasted around 3 hours — but it was worth it. Hopefully I get to see next year’s finals as well.

Congratulations to the organizers of the JPOP Anime Singing Contest, and see you next year!