Jay Agonoy in the last trimester of 2017

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Well, it’s been… a long time since I wrote to you all!

A lot of things have happened — Cosplay Mania (and the Konomi Suzuki concert), Sally Amaki (YES), and now I’m into my one-day break before getting in a two-week work sh*tstorm. Here’s what I will share to you now:

  1. The -ber months are really hectic — from events related to Customer Experience to Creative Culture, I’ll be immersing the next two weekends working in the field, then take a weekend off and then get my hands to work again for a trade fair at the Megatrade Hall.
  2. I got a lot of anime on my backlog that I plan to finish watching before I get to the first episodes of SideM, Kino’s Journey (because Aochan), and some new series that I got but haven’t gone through.
  3. If you don’t see any posts here, check my YouTube. I occasionally post stuff there, and I’m about to make a quick video on the BGC Bus. I also set the Habal-habal Diaries playlist as a series on my YouTube and I hope that it’s a working testament of how horrible traffic in my neck of the woods is today.
  4. If someone goes to Japan, ask them to get leaflets as pasalubong — like what I asked Chad of The Reimaru Files during his stay there for the Tokyo Game Show (see the stuff here).
  5. Namaste Snake is probably the pinnacle of wotagei (next to DAYS OF DASH), and so I am compiling a playlist of videos for documentation, dubbed as the Namaste Snake Playlist. Of course this is a joke (I am, for getting into this) — the thing is, all of us expected to wotagei responsibly, and by doing the Namaste Snake in a live, you are bound to be called the trashiest of trash and by any chance get served and punched. Please do it outside the live with your friends.
  6. Kemono Friends is dead (?). The next day after I posted this, KADOKAWA did the Seiyuu Shield. Like you, I am angered too. A few days later, a protest has been set at the offices of KADOKAWA. Days after that, we got good news. Hoping that continues on a positive note.

With these notes stated, for one last time, here’s the OTHER Chihaya Kisaragi. Good day to all, and see you in the next events — probably in December. ARUKOOOOO — before I get cut into pieces, this is by far the most powerful moment I’ve seen in THE [email protected]’s live concerts.