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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

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…and I’m not yet even referring to the holiday season.

It’s the events season indeed. From the last weekend of August going through October (or even up to December), people are expected to burn their wallets going through various major events in the Metro — more specifically in the travel city of Pasay, where the premier SMX Convention Center Manila and World Trade Center Metro Manila are located.

Each of the three or so events has their own niche target : One for fans, one for the cosplayers and one for the artists. Everyone is now their own Goldilocks, seeing which event fits them just right.

With online registration now a norm for major events (whether if it’s through the powerhouse SM Tickets or through their in-house platforms), it’s much easier to “burn money in three easy steps.” Sometimes it takes less than three.

The value of these events rely on the value of the guests they’ve invited.

Major anime/cosplay/pop culture events have one thing in common: Concerts with invited overseas guests. The value of these events rely on the value of the guests they’ve invited.

This is a basic thought for those who are going to these events for years.

This is all part of the “experience” that event organizers have been preparing for its visitors — and the organizers will do what it takes to get their attention.

This is also a basic thought that relies on the populist mindset.

One year after an event is held, it’s back to the planning board once again.

Taking into consideration the expectations set forth by the event’s experience that is felt by visitors and fans, they’ll pinpoint who’s next, so on and so forth — and the cycle continues.

What I’ve learned in the three to four years of attending these events?

  • Each event has its own solid fanbase — specifically, there are those who are willing to spend a fortune, albeit a few
  • While each event has its own target niche market, oftentimes their activities overlap with each other
  • You will really determine the value of an event after you’ve experienced it
  • If the visitors’ expectations are set, there is no turning back for the organizers — and depending on how extreme the fans are if their expectations were not set, expect some backlash. Such people have no chill.

If I can summarize the end of the year in the metro, or the basics of the events industry in my perspective, this is what it’s like. But yes, who am I to talk like this?

There have been fans who are older than me, went to events longer than me, have paid their fortune to see the guests, so on and so forth, and it’s best to have a chat with them, even just a few moments.

That’s what makes the end of the year a wonderful time.