It’s a matter of paying someone for your time. booth at AME Fair X last year, which was free to use since there is no one manning around and they gave consent to all to use it.

So, I saw this image on Facebook where a photographer by the name of “Captain America” insists to a Cosplayer by the name of “Iron Man” that the latter can’t ask money for their time spent. This is from DustBunny, and it aims to spark a discussion between Cosplayers and Photographers alike.

Well, I was pulling up my reactions on the Facebook page and then I realized that this can be put up for discussion on the blog, knowing that my screen is already filled with my reaction, thus being too long to be seen only on social media.

This is how it sums up, tl;dr:

Photographer: You Cosplayer pay for muh time.
Cosplayer: No, you photographer pay for muh time.

I think the image provided is one-sided. The option of paying someone depends on the level of priority and the agreement both parties had. Let me give you what I think through these examples.

For example, I’m a photographer, and asked Cosplayer A (female) for a photoshoot, and she has other priorities that she had to set aside because I asked her to do so. It’s justifiable to pay her for the time she will be spending with me taking pictures at NAPAW. I will even treat her to lunch and dinner because she is my guest.

Another example is this: A Cosplayer B (male) wants me to be his photographer for a certain event in Pasay, and he is willing to pay me cash just to have me for the rest of the day, as I skip other priorities. I said yes, because he is committed to have me. I can eat my lunch and dinner using the money that he will give me.

This idea of paying is not only restricted to Cosplayers — most of the time, this is the case for pro models. I’ve had a little bit of an idea when it comes to those things aside from assuming that based on the concept of magazine covers.

Moving back to the topic, it’s not just about the money or the monetary value that we are talking about — it’s about compensating someone’s time.You ask someone to be with you, and it’s just right to compensate him/her for the time he/she spent with you, especially if they have other priorities at hand.

Now, if both parties agreed to spend their time together without any compensation, that’s based on what their agreement is in the first place. What if the other party asks to be compensated? That’s another angle that I want to see.

I want to hear your side on this discussion as well, since I’m still not that well-versed in doing these things. Send me an email at [email protected] I hope your reaction contributes to this discussion.