Is it time for Okonomiyaki?

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Yes, it is — and it’s time to eat at Dohtonbori.

This is the second of the two #eatsakes posts before we close 2017 (see the first one here).

Post-Cosplay Matsuri, I joined the AniZone crew as they celebrate the end of the year and also the event itself — AZ’s Cosplay Team lead Naru just got off from hosting the three-day event. It’s a tradition for the AniZone crew to dine out after a major undertaking, and I usually join them in few of their occasions.

This time, I joined them to Dohtonbori at SM Mall of Asia. Their main specialty: Okonomiyaki. You know, that dish that Ukyo cooks in Rumiko Takahashi’s Ranma 1/2. We’re lucky to get the seats in the tatami area inside.

At Dohtonbori, you have two choices in cooking that okonomiyaki which is said to be jam-packed with the good stuff: Cook it yourself or let them cook it for you. I chose to try my hands and cook it, with the help of John Michael and friends.

They prepare the ingredients for you in a bowl, and you only have to mix it, then pour it in the griddle and flip it twice every 5 minutes before it gets decorated and eaten. I tried the Pepper Kalbi variant (Php270), and I also got their ready-to-eat tofu (Php90) as an appetizer while waiting.

The okonomiyaki is tasty enough if eaten cooked right away, and you need to place in the sauce and mayonnaise on top to savor its full deliciously fluffy taste.

I do recommend that you take a light snack first before entering — I went inside with an empty stomach and I felt I want a second order, which is reaaally tempting to do so.

Dohtonbori is at the second level of SM Mall of Asia’s Entertainment Hall. Take note of additional 10% service charge.