I’m off to yet another busy weekend

Photo of yours truly at Taal Vista Hotel, taken April 21, 2018. Y me so serious? Ang init eh.

…as you read this post, expect me doing more stuff that I can handle. Or sleeping because these activities are exhausting.

Here in this space, I try to write as much as I can. Before I proceed to give you my preparations for the upcoming weekend at #NICE2018 in Davao, I have to let this off my chest first.

Rotary’s public image

I’ve just got home from yet another Rotary-related activity, the District Training Assembly (Distas), in which I am expected to put more work to the Rotary than ever, especially in terms of Public Image.

To most people, the Rotary is an organization of rich guys lavishing through social events. By the next Rotary Year (annually starts on July 1), our District is expecting less on those selfies from social events and more action photos from each club’s projects. This is part of the implementation of the “People of Action” campaign of Rotary International.

An aside: I try to be calm as I share stories, but I’d like to give exception: What these people see when the name “Rotary” is mentioned speaks true to me, and this has to stop or else I will leave.

This message was amplified during the breakout session and ending talk at the Distas, where our seniors and trainers are basically saying this:

We need to share our Rotary stories to everyone so that they can get interested in joining the Rotary — a century-old civic organization — and participate in worthy projects.

There’s more to this, but I have to get a hold of myself. Really.

Initially, I was not interested in the Rotary anymore and am just a few moments away from leaving it so I can focus on doing what makes me happy the most, but I think I shall let this Rotary year pass through. I got optimistic. Maybe this year will work.

For the unfamiliar, I’m a Rotarian from District 3800 which is covering the cities of Pasig, Marikina, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela, the town of Pateros and the Province of Rizal.

The notes that I addressed above, by the standard of communication, shouldn’t be the ones I’d be saying, but I did do in order to give you a peek on what’s inside the organization.

On the other hand, I was supposed to be finishing backlogs now but then again I’ll have no time to write this post. It has come to my mind that of all three things that I do, I may have to sacrifice one thing or another, which is a difficult decision for me.

Taking from the lessons of the past, I cannot bit what I cannot chew. If this streak of business continues, soon enough, you’ll be speaking to me normally and I’d be like “Ok, ok, noted. Kindly wait a moment, I’ll just rush something. May I ask what are we talking about again?”

There will be a time when I should say NO, but I shall leave that for another story.

Preparation for #keepsakesDVO2018

By the time you read this post, I’ll be busy once more as I will manage activity after activity. This Thursday, I shall be managing some of the technicalities for a press launch in Manila. The next day, I’ll be somewhere in Makati again to do the same thing but this time for our in-house workshop.

You know I’ve posted less and less and less here, and I am expected to post less and less and less (maybe once or twice a month unless there is an important event that I need to excitedly share to you — like #NICE2018 and the World Cosplay Summit Philippines National Finals).

The things you do for work.


Now for the preparations — I promise to be live on Facebook on Saturday, April 28 at 11:00am to kick off this weekend’s coverage. I’ve been tinkering with the OBS to deliver the basics, and do expect that you will hear clicks as I go through this will be a one-man production.


I’m also thinking twice — thrice, or even four times — what to bring in my luggage for the whole three-day ordeal. This will include the clothes that I will be donning during the Cosplay Ball which was rescheduled to Sunday April 29.

I only have an initial 7kg baggage allowance, and judging from my experience bringing my luggage earlier to Tagaytay, I will probably exceed that limit. I guess I need to extend my baggage allowance to 15kg just to make sure.

Unless I actually weigh my luggage bag to really see how heavy it is.


Aside from the 11am schedule, I shall be roaming around the area to take videos for the live broadcasts and YouTube as well as record audio for the podcast segments, the typical content creator stuff.

In addition, I am confirming if there will be a Fate/ photoshoot so I can meet my online friend who also dons Jack the Ripper (hoeeeee) and mingle with Davao’s cosplay community.

Again, this Tagala wants to know how things go in the DVO. I’m pretty much aware that the italicized term can be something else, but after visiting Cebu and Davao once, I’m happy to be in these two places again — especially Davao, I missed it (especially the pigeons of Rizal Park).

My itinerary goes something like this:

  • Check in at the airport.
  • Arrive to destination.
  • Do ya thing.
  • Go to the inn where I reserved my stay.
  • Wake up.
  • Go to church.
  • Do ya thing again.
  • Finish other things and meet other friends.
  • Go to the airport back to Manila.
  • Make the post-event video for YouTube.

That’s what’s up for me this week, and I’ve been saying this again ang again — I hope to see you at #NICE2018. (keepsakes. is a media partner)