If I didn’t check my Hummingbird, I wouldn’t knew they’ve changed

…for the better, that is.

The last time I’ve checked my Hummingbird was a few months ago or so through a third-party Android app called Imprint (or its previous name Tenpenchii). I’m surprised that Hummingbird, by far the best in tracking my anime viewing habits, got VIZ Media’s (among others) support and turned into Kitsu.io.


So this is what Hummingbird has been talking about for what felt like a year or so, yes?

In my case, my account’s retained there, and I assume my other rankings from MyAnimeList and Anime-Planet got imported there successfully.

I’m quickly capping off this letter by telling you to sign up and track your habits — who knows, may find a fellow CGDCT enthusiast there.