#iBlog11: More than just a gathering.

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It’s been days since #iBlog11 happened, and while I keep myself busy, let me tell you some of the moments that are close to me at this point in my life where I get back to square one.


During the first day (Friday, December 4), I was able to see Wazzup Pilipinas’ Ross del Rosario. The first time I met him in person during the Global Health Forum at the PICC. At that time, I was an intern for Rappler, and I am introducing Project Agos to him (he told me that the video of me doing so is already online and I still haven’t watched it).

The last time that I heard his name is when he asked to be paid for press releases, in which he told me (as I asked him for clarity) that it was supposed to be a private matter — only to him and the other party. But really, the last time I heard his name is when he got the People’s Choice award at the Bloggys.


I got a refresher on blogger-client relationships, which I slowly forgot how important this was as time passes. Before, I realized that I am not really taking care in speaking with some of the clients — organizers — that I spoke with. I’ve learned from Chad (who also attended Day 1) why they take care of their partners.

While I will not delve more about this, the reason (as far as I’ve understand) is that they help you more as you grow to be an influencer — and as you get used to them, they get used to you as well, making transactions easier.

More than just a meetup (or a summit)

I’d like iBlog to continue. iBlog has been successfully held for the past 11 instances, and some of its attendees have been speakers (like yours truly), and for me it becomes more than just a gathering or a summit, or even a refresher course, as I recall last time on my Twitter: It feels like a home to me. I need someone or something that inspires me to move especially at my most vulnerable self, and this is just one of those things.

While I wish I could’ve told more from my experience as a speaker, I don’t write on any blog publicly aside from this Medium that I am using; but by next year, maybe I can have another space to write upon (maybe yes, maybe no, who knows), and by that time I should have grasped newer web technologies and methods, like Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages and Facebook’s Instant Articles.

(I have other moments there that I’d like to share but I’d like to keep those to myself first, so bear with me.)