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I went to Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 Expo for a grandiose merienda.

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Hi guys! I was able to get to Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 (or we can just call it as “Fusion Manila,” as per the invite) at the SMX Manila in Pasay City last Saturday. First, I’ll be showing you a lot of pics; then I’ll give some bullet points about this year’s event.

  • There’s this gelato shop called “Manila Creamery” (they have a branch at the UP Town Center)which serves Burnt rice gelato (as in “Tinutong na Kanin”). I promised them I’ll go there to eat a full scoop.
  • Sweetened cacoo nibs from Sikwate! are the best — I think the name is familiar to me though.
  • My favorite Mindanaoan snack/bread Bulua is also visible in the Expo!
  • Nestle Food Services is generous with its offerings — too bad I was only able to get a sample of their soft-serve concoction.
  • There are other exhibits outside the Expo — there’s this Coconut Chips in salted and sweetened variations that are perfect for dressing desserts (or just plain snacking).
  • What I like about the Expo is that I am able to taste a lot — no bullcrap, it’s like I went there for a grandiose merienda. Maybe the event’s not as grandiose unlike last year, but it’s still grandiose. Still looking forward to the next offering.

Disclaimer: I got the invite from my boss who is managing the event’s security, same as last year’s. Many thanks, boss!